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Hero's Welcome

  • Street: 3537 US Route 2
  • Town: North Hero, VT 05474
  • Contact: Robert & Beverley Camp
  • Telephone: 802-372-4121
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A Little About Us...

Hero's Welcome is located in N.W. Vermont, on one of the Hero Islands in the middle of Lake Champlain. The century-old building was originally built by John Tudhope in 1899. The Tudhope family ran the Store for ninety years.

Later, hard times fell upon the place and it closed. The town of North Hero  wasn't the same without that store...it had been the honored gossip spot for so long, the town rumor mill suffered!

We bought the property in 1993, restored the structures, and re-named it Hero's Welcome. There are three buildings, resting cheek-by-jowl at the water's edge. If you pay us a visit in the summer season, you'll find thousands of items...and customers from one end to the other! It is an exciting place, even for us.

We also roll out a big summer dock less than a hundred feet from the store, and welcome lake travelers from all points of the compass. You can get here by car, bike, horse, ferry, seaplane, kayak, canoe, water skis and even ice skates!

We welcome thousands of folks every year, and in our busiest summer months, might see over 2000 visitors in a single day.  It's not uncommon to step outside the building and wonder at the collection of bicycles, ski boats, Harleys, seaplanes, SeaDoos, cars and trucks that have piled up around the store.

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After 30 Years, Teago General Store Changes Hands

A week after signing the store away, Chuck Gundersen sat in his blue apron at the butcher block near the dry goods shelves, describing how others viewed him during his 30-year tenure as proprietor of the Teago General Store.


“It always sounds to me like I’m the antithesis of what a general store owner should be,” Gundersen said, his freckled skin and white hair a testament to his 73 years. “People will say, ‘The guy never talks. He doesn’t smile very much. He’s very reserved.’ ”