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Dente's Market

  • Street: 406 North Main Street
  • Town: Barre
  • Contact: Richard Dente
  • Telephone: 802-476-3764
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How to Get There

Near the corner of US 302 and Vermont 14.

  • Take US 302 East and park just before the intersection with Vermont 14.
  • Take Vermont 14 south to the intersection with US 302, and turn right. It's right there.
  • Take Vermont 14 north until it parts with US 302, continue straight ahead for 100 feet.

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Vermont Magazine Features Country Stores

Vermont magazine

Each issue of Vermont Magazine generally features an interesting article and profile one of the state's country store gems, many of which are member of the Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores. Our thanks to editor & publisher Phil Jordan for sharing a few with us:

Adamant Co-op

Wayside Country Store

Buxton's Store

Putney General Store