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Cambridge Village Market

  • Street: 113 South Main Street
  • Town: Cambridge
  • Contact: Bruce Macmillan
  • Telephone: 802-644-2272

Store History

The Cambridge Village Market was originally built in the 1850's and has always served as a grocery store. In the 1900's, it was known as The Willy Brothers Store. However, fifty years later, the store became The Cambridge Community Lockers, where the locals would rent refrigerator and freezer space to store food. Eventually, in the late 1960's the food lockers were removed. Bruce MacMillan purchased the store in 1990 and has made many improvements as well as a recent addition that makes the original store twice its original size. The Cambridge Village Market continues to grow and serve the community in the tradition of a true, Vermont country store.


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After 30 Years, Teago General Store Changes Hands

A week after signing the store away, Chuck Gundersen sat in his blue apron at the butcher block near the dry goods shelves, describing how others viewed him during his 30-year tenure as proprietor of the Teago General Store.


“It always sounds to me like I’m the antithesis of what a general store owner should be,” Gundersen said, his freckled skin and white hair a testament to his 73 years. “People will say, ‘The guy never talks. He doesn’t smile very much. He’s very reserved.’ ”