Member Spotlight: Dan & Whit's Store

Dan and Whit’s is well known for the outstanding work they do for their community, not only through their service, but through their commitment to helping those in need. The store participates in several initiatives designed for the benefit of the community.

1) Monthly wine tastings: each month the proceeds benefit a different nonprofit. Since 2010, the store has raised over $46,000 this way.

2) Pizza Wednesday: each Wednesday, they donate $1 per pizza old to a different nonprofit.

3) Round up: each month, customers can round up to the nearest dollar and donate their change to a nonprofit.

4) 19 Days of Norwich, 1% for the Haven Program: This is a program Dan started in 2013 to raise money for the local homeless shelter/food shelf.  During the first 19 Days of December, Dan and Whit’s, along with about 80 other stores, donates 1% of sales to the local food bank. In four years they have raised over $750,000! 

Some advice Dan has for other stores is to focus on recruiting and maintaining good employees. He says it has been difficult for him to find good employees within half and hour of the store, but that they are the key to owning and running a successful business.

Of his membership with VRGA, he says, “VRGA has helped us staying on top of laws, providing advice, networking and being the link between us and what is happening in state government that will affect our business.”


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After 30 Years, Teago General Store Changes Hands

A week after signing the store away, Chuck Gundersen sat in his blue apron at the butcher block near the dry goods shelves, describing how others viewed him during his 30-year tenure as proprietor of the Teago General Store.


“It always sounds to me like I’m the antithesis of what a general store owner should be,” Gundersen said, his freckled skin and white hair a testament to his 73 years. “People will say, ‘The guy never talks. He doesn’t smile very much. He’s very reserved.’ ”